Eli Manning is a first ballot Hall of Famer

Eli Manning is an NFL Legend & Hall of Fame Quarterback

"Easy Eli" Manning always came through when the Giants
needed him most. His Legendary Clutch postseason performances will live on in NFL lore.  

Now that the Legendary New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning has retired, his Hall of Fame candidacy has been a topic of hot debate and discussion. There shouldn't be any debate as to whether or not this man is a Hall of Famer or not. His legacy as the greatest New York Quarterback is set in stone and his place in NFL lore will pass the test of time. He's a Manning and the list of accomplishments throughout his illustrious career have been grossly undervalued. Even the biggest Eli detractors can't deny the fact that his Superbowl moments will live on forever. The David Tyree catch in Super Bowl 42, and the beautiful pass down the left sideline to Mario Manningham in Super bowl 46. These two plays in the Superbowl encapsulate Eli's legacy perfectly. He always found the "magic" that people called "luck" to come up big in the clutch when his team needed him to make a play.

Ironically these two plays have been the subject of just being "luck" or "lucky", yet if Manning doesn't make those plays the Giants don't win the Super Bowl, and then Manning gets criticized anyway for not coming up big in the clutch moment. This man can never win even when he does. That is the irony of this mans career. His accomplishments never fail to be downplayed by critics and national media outside of New York. But you can't take away what he's accomplished or what he's done throughout his Career.

The Numbers speak for themselves, 366 touchdowns (7th all-time), 57,023 Passing Yards (7th all-time), and he is also top ten in pass attempts and completions. 210 consecutive regular season starts from 2004-2017 (3rd all-time). By every measure this man is also the most clutch postseason Quarterback in the history of the NFL. You can read the article here for yourself. He's a 4 time Pro-Bowler, 2 time Super Bowl Champion and 2 time Superbowl MVP. People Nitpick about his .500 record in the regular season as a starter, yet he's tied for 11th all-time with Joe Montana in career regular season wins.

Manning was a "gunslinger" who made
throws that most QB's wouldn't even
dare to attempt.

Here is a full breakdown of Mannings Numbers and Accomplishment in the Regular Season:

  • 4x Pro-Bowler
  • 366 Touchdown Passes (7th All-Time)
  • 57,023 Passing Yards (7th All-Time)
  • 210 Consecutive starts by a QB (3rd All-Time)
  • 7 seasons of top 10 finishes in Passing Yards
  • 10 seasons of top 10 finishes for Passing Touchdowns (including 4 in the top 5)
  • 27 4th Quarter Comebacks (13th All-Time)
  • 37 Game Winning Drives (10th All-Time)
  • Led the league in 4th Quarter Comebacks (5) and game winning drives (6) for a 9 win team in 2011.
  • Carried the 32nd ranked run game, and 26th ranked defense to the post season in 2011.
  • 15th 4th Quarter Touchdowns in a season (2011) good for 2nd All-Time.
  • 7 Seasons of 4000 Yards Passing (7th All-Time)
  • 14 Seasons of at least 3000 Yards Passing (Tied for 5th All-Time)
  • 3 Seasons of 30 or more Touchdown Passes (Tied for 10th All-Time)
  • 7 seasons of 25 or more Touchdown Passes (Tied for 9th All-Time)
  • 12 Seasons of 20 or more Touchdown Passes in a Season (7th All-Time)
  • For those who question Eli's accuracy or completion percentage, consider that he played in rough New York weather conditions at times yet is 11th All-Time with 9 seasons of at least 60% completion percentage (300 pass attempts per season to qualify). 
  • For those who question his Career Passer Rating (84.1), Eli is tied for 10th All-Time for most seasons with a passer rating of 80 or higher (10 Seasons) minimum of at least 300 pass attempts per season to qualify. 
  • 5 Seasons of a Passer Rating of 90 or higher (tied for 13th All-Time)
  • 117 wins (11th All-Time)
  • Most Passing Touchdowns, Passing yards, and Completions in New York Giants History.

Eli has NFL passing records and holds
almost every major New York Giants
Passing Record

Now Let Look at Eli Manning's Legendary Playoff Resume Breakdown:
  • 2x Super Bowl Champion
  • 2x Super Bowl MVP (1 of only 5 Players to win the award twice)
  • NFL Record of Most Passing yards in single postseason 1,219 (2011 Season)
  • 9 Passing touchdowns in a single postseason (tied for 6th All-time)
  • Game winning Touchdown drives in the last 2 minutes of both Superbowls he played in
  • 5 Road Playoff wins (2nd All-Time) 
  • Eli Manning and Tom Brady are the only QB's in NFL History with 2 Super Bowl MVP's and 50,000 Career Passing Yards.
  • Eli Manning has an 8-4 Overall Playoff record with 18 Passing Touchdowns, 87.3 passer rating, 60.5% Completion Percentage, 4 fourth quarter comebacks, and 5 game winning drives.

If there were any doubts about Eli's clutchness, toughness, and durability in big moments just watch the 2011 NFC Championship game between the Giants and 49ers. Manning dropped back to pass 60 times and never turned the ball over. He played that game with the flu. He took a beating in that game, yet still had one of the best performances of his career. 

This picture encapsulates Manning's legendary toughness
perfectly. He never complained and always stood tough
in the pocket.

Taking all the counting numbers, regular season and postseason breakdowns into effect the
Eli Manning is a "shoe in" for the NFL Hall of Fame whether haters like it or not. No he wasn't Peyton, but when you look at the totality of his accolades, awards, accomplishments and no off-field issues in a huge media conglomerate like New York. Eli Manning had a legendary Career with clutch, and memorable moments that will live on long after he is gone. The list of impressive numbers, stats, wins, comebacks, clutch moments, combined with his legendary toughness, durability, make Eli not only one of the most overlooked, and controversial QB's to ever play, but he is objectively speaking one of the 10 best NFL QB's to ever play as well.

Eli does, and always will hold a special
place in New York Giants Fans Hearts.
A beloved Icon and great Quarterback.

As a die hard New York Giants fan I'm forever grateful to have watched Eli Manning play. He was my favorite player and the reason I started watching Football. So thank you Eli for everything you've done for the New York Giants Franchise and fanbase. One of my favorite Eli memories growing up was the Super bowl parade after the New York Giants Super Bowl 46 win versus the "mighty Patriots" Dynasty in 2012. I was in High school at the time and the streets were packed, the atmosphere and the energy was indescribable. Me and a couple of my school buddies skipped class that day to go to the parade, and I couldn't see the Giants players pass as they marched down so my friends gave me a boost and lifted me to the side of a building window where I saw Eli Manning and the Giants pass by.  As Eli passed by, everyone who could see through the huge New York City crowd just went crazy and screamed out his name. It was a cool moment for me getting to see Eli, and everyone calling out for him once he passed by. That's my lasting memory of this Legendary Quarterback who was a role model on and off the field and is everything you can hope for in a number 1 Draft Pick and Franchise Quarterback. 

Manning beat the "odds" twice to deliver two
Super Bowl MVP performances and
Championships for the New York Giants.

Eli Manning will be remembered as a clutch Champion who came through when it counted. Maybe I'm a little bias because I'm a huge Eli Manning supporter, even so, objectively speaking, there is no doubt he's an NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback. So get ready Eli detractors, because an Eli Manning Hall of Fame speech is coming in 2025. You can book it!   

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