2017 NFL Mock Draft

2017 NFL Mock Draft Genaosportbuzz.com
The 2017 NFL Draft Class
is considered to be one of the
deepest in recent years. 
Updated: 03/26/17

1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M:
The Browns, if they're smart, will take the top prospect on the board. That guy is Myles Garrett who is a once in a life time pass rusher that has Hall of fame potential. In a draft class that is weak at the QB position, I cannot envision a scenario where the Browns don't take Garrett. I had Garrett here in my last updated version of the Mock Draft so no real change here. Garrett is the best prospect on the board.
Previous Pick: Myles Garrett

2. San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford :
A lot has changed since my last Mock Draft update. For starters it doesn't look like the 49ers are interested in drafting a QB with their 2nd overall pick, let alone Watson who is seen as more of a day 2 prospect. Yes the 49ers have taken Buckner, and Armstead with their last 2 first round picks, but the new coaching staff will be running a 4-3 defense and taking another talented lineman like Thomas who is arguably the best player available after Garrett, is a good fit.
Previous Pick: Deshaun Watson

3. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Allen, DE, Alabama:
The Bears signing Mike Glennon to a $15 Million deal is the epitome of all you need to know about they think of this mediocre QB Draft class. A QB is no longer in play so the bears will look to add some talent on defense. There are reports that state Jonathan Allen could drop because of concerns with his shoulder. But he's too much of a upside and great talent for the Bears to pass up.
Previous Pick: Mitch Trubisky

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU:
Blake Bortles has regressed in the eyes of many. But in my opinion he is a very talented QB who had very little help from his running game and O-line. Giving him a transcendent talent like Fournette will help get him and this Jags team/offense back on track.
Previous Pick: Jonathan Allen

5. Tennessee Titans: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State:
Even with his previous notion before the college season ended that he would most likely return to school rather than enter the 2017 NFL Draft, I never really bought into the idea that a top 10 prospect like Hooker would pass up Millions of dollars and risk getting injured by returning to school. Well lucky for the Titans because as I continue to reiterate, they're secondary is a weakness even with their free agent acquisitions. Hooker is the top Safety available in this draft so this pick is easy. No change here.
Previous Pick: Malik Hooker

6. New York Jets: O.J., TE, Alabama:
It's become really clear that the Jets are in full tank mode. They let an array of their top veterans walk in free agency as they clean house and start fresh with young talent. Speaking of which Howard has emerged and impressed during workouts, and interview process, and for good reason he's a great, route runner, can catch deep down the field, has terrific speed & size for a TE, and can run or pass block. Look for the Jets to add some young pieces on offense early in the draft.
Previous Pick: Marlon Humphrey

7. San Deigo Chargers: Mike  Williams, WR, Clemson:
With the free agency signing of Russell Okung for huge money, the Chargers no longer are in dire need of a Tackle. Instead they'll go with the best WR in this draft class who will add another weapon for their future Hall of Fame QB Philip Rivers.
Previous Pick: Cam Robinson

8. Carolina Panthers: Dalvin Cook, RB, FSU:
Cam Newton needs some help on offense. He's their running game and passing game. No one is asked to do more for his team than he is, so drafting a dynamic talent like Cook to take some of the pressure off of Newton is crucial for him to have a bounce back season.
Previous Pick: Leonard Fournette

9. Cincinnati Bengals: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee:
I've had Foster here for a while now. But Barnett is the better prospect in my opinion and the Bengals will look to add him to their D-line and get after the QB, which he does so well. The Bengals do need an OT with their loss to key OT's in free agency, but their isn't an OT worth taking here with the 9th pick.
Previous Pick: Reuben Foster

10. Buffalo Bills: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan:
The Bills did the right thing in bringing back Tyrod Taylor. He's an average to slightly above average starting QB that you can win games with, and he can make plays with his feet and strong arm. The next step for Bill is to put Taylor's strong arm to good use by getting some more WR help. Williams is off the board and the next prospect on most scouts' draft boards is Corey Davis. Sammy Watkins is talented but he has been inconsistent, and injury prone at times.
Previous Pick: Mike Williams

11. New Orleans Saints: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama:
Take the D out of Defense for New Orleans because it doesn't exist. Teams have consistently been able to throw for tons of yards/touchdowns against this team that needs to boost up it's atrocious secondary. Taking the physical, and my top rated CB Humphrey, is a great start toward rebuilding the secondary.
Previous Pick: Jamal Adams

12. Cleveland Browns: Jamal Adams, S, LSU:
The Browns need to rebuild the right way. What I mean by that is, don't reach for a QB if he is not the top rated player on your board. And in this mediocre draft class of QB's that is most likely the case here. Instead the Browns will look to take one of the top DB's in the draft who has fallen to them with at no. 12 overall.
Previous Pick: DeShone Kizer

13. Arizona Cardinals: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State:
With 2 of the top WR prospects now off the board, look for the Cardinals to go with value here and take a talented young DB to put next to Matheu, and Peterson.
Previous Pick: Corey Davis

14. Philadelphia Eagles: Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford:
Philly addressed their dire need to totally revamp their horrific WR core. They still have Jordan Matthews and have signed Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith to free agent deals, so WR is no longer a need here. However a nice running back like McCaffrey who can catch dump off passes and get yards after catch, is a good fit for a young talented QB like Carson Wentz.
Previous Pick: John Ross

15. Indianapolis Colts: Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama:
The Colts, considering their weak LB core, would be ecstatic if Foster fell to them. He fills a need on team that's has let down their high powered offense led by Andrew Luck.
Previous Pick: Dalvin Cook

16. Baltimore Ravens: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan:
Barnett is no longer available here for the Ravens to take. But Charlton has emerged as a top 20 prospect and might even go top 10. Nonetheless, the Ravens will look to add a talented edge rusher to get to the QB.
Previous Pick: Derek Barnett

17. Washington Redskins: Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt:
I've had Cunningham here back and forth for the Redskins. They need to upgrade their line-backing core. Chris Baker is the only player on that line-backing core that scares opposing offenses. Cunningham is a fundamentally sound prospect that can contribute right away.
Previous Pick: Zach Cunningham

18. Tennessee Titans: John Ross, WR, Washington:
John Ross had a very impressive NFL combine. He displayed his speed and athletic abilities in the drills, and workouts. He also ran the fastest 40 yard dash in NFL history, breaking Chris Johnson's record of 4.24 to  Ross' 4.22. The Titans don't have true # 1 receiver, and will look to add another weapon for the young QB Marcus Mariota.
Previous Pick: Quincy Wilson

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adoree Jackson, CB/KR, USC:
Jackson, from a DB standpoint isn't the best player available at his position. However it's his value on special teams as well that puts him over the top for most teams looking for a DB. He adds another dimension to your team in the kick return game.
Previous Pick: Jalen Tabor

20. Denver Broncos: Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah:
Denver has some issues on the offensive line that they need to address. This isn't the best draft class to address those needs. Nonetheless, Bolles is one of the top options at the position, and the Broncos have to a least take a swing here on one of the OT's. I had Ryan Ramcyzk here previously, but because of his shaky NFL combine performance and horrible interview showings, most scouts are starting to question his love for the game, and he could slide down the board.
Previous Selection: Ryan Ramcyzk

21. Detroit Lions: Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida:
McDowell will probably be too risky here for the Lions to take, he comes with a lot of red flags. So instead they'll shift their attention to another DT like Brantley who has no such red flags and is the better prospect, in an effort to rebuild their D-line after losing Suh last summer.
Previous Pick: Malik McDowell

22. Miami Dolphins: Charles Harris, DE, Missouri:
The Dolphins seemingly have taken care of their OT needs during the off season so far. Lucky for them because this is not the draft class your really want to be wasting a 1st round pick on for an OT. Instead they'll address an area of need and add a much needed pass rusher to get to the QB.
Previous selection: Roderick Johnson

23. New York Giants: David Njoku, TE, Miami:
As a Giants fan I hate the fact that teams are now starting to catch on to the tremendous talent of O.J. Howard. I was really hoping he would continue to fall under the radar and be a realistic target for us on draft day but that most definitely won't happen. However Njoku isn't a bad TE himself, and is a pass catching savant who can run like a WR.
Previous selection: OJ Howard

24. Oakland Raiders, Teez Tabor, CB, Florida:
The Raiders will still go corner here, but Lattimore is long gone. Which is okay because Tabor is the better prospect anyway in my opinion, and is still available here for the Raiders to steal. He fills a need as the Raiders made Brock Osweiler look like the second coming of Tom Brady during their playoff match up. That pretty much sums up their secondary.
Previous Pick: Marshon Lattimore

25. Houston Texans: Mitch Trubisky, QB, UNC:
I honestly don't care what the Texans do the rest of the off-season. They get an A++++ for unloading the atrocious contract of their former inept QB, Brock Osweiler. Instead he is now on a team where all QB's have gone to die, Cleveland. Mitch Trubisky is the best QB in this draft class by a long shot. He's the only QB I like in this class to become a  potential future multiple time pro bowler.
Previous Pick: Pat Mahomes

26. Seattle Seahawks: Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah:
The Seahawks offensive line had Russell Wilson literally running for his life this past season, as Wilson saw a dip in his production early on before making adjustments (like the quality QB that he is) later on in the season. Robinson was once considered the consensus top OT in this class. That is no longer the case, but he fills a need here and the Seahawks have to take an OT here.
Previous Pick: Garrett Bolles

27. Kansas City Chiefs: Pat Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech:
Probably the first surprise of this mock draft, but it definitely wouldn't surprise me if this happened on draft day. Mahomes is the 2nd best QB prospect in this draft class. The problem is that he comes from a gimmicky offense in college, and will need time if he is going to develop into a future starting QB. Well he will have some time playing behind a solid veteran like Alex Smith.
Previous Pick: Quenton Nelson

28. Dallas Cowboys: Tre 'Davious White, CB, LSU:
Dallas lost a lot some key player on their defense to free agency. That's bad, considering they're not that great of a defensive team to begin with. Part of their problem is the secondary. In a division with constant solid QB play look for "the Boys" to take a CB in this deep class of corners.
Previous Pick: Adoree Jackson

29. Green Bay Packers: Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss
Another surprise here but again, it wouldn't shock me if it happened. Evan Engram is arguably the 2nd best TE prospect behind O.J. Howard. Him and Njoku are 2A & 2B. Getting a QB like Rodgers a nice security blanket could be a tremendous fit here.
Previous Pick: Sidney Jones

30. Pittsburgh Steelers: Haason Reddick, LB, Temple:
Instead of taken the over-hyped Jabrill Peppers, the Steelers go with the more logical choice in Reddick, who makes his day view on my 2017 NFL mock draft. The Steelers struggled last year on defense. So they'll look to address that early in the draft.
Previous Pick: Jabrill Peppers

29. Atlanta Falcons: Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA:
Atlanta has to address their pass-rush. I've had Lawson here for a while. He's possibly the most underrated prospect in this draft. But he most likely won't go here. I think he's a top ten talent. But the Falcons will most likely go with MicKinley who is rated higher by most teams.
Previous Pick: Carl Lawson

32. New Orleans Saints: Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan:
The Patriots no longer own this pick and instead the Saints come in and take another defensive player to help out their explosive offense by rebuilding their defense, specifically in the secondary. Peppers is a talented athlete more so than he is a talented football player, and there a lot of questions as to what position he will actually play once he gets to the NFL. But at the end of round 1 he is worth the gamble here for a team that can use a ll the talent it can get on defense.
Previous Pick: N/A

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