Buddy Hield 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Report

Buddy Hield 2016 NBA Draft
SG, Oklahoma, 6-4, Sr.
Scouting Report:

  • Fundamentally sound offensively
  • Mature leader on his team
  • Great Outside Shooter
  • Great Mid-range game
  • Excellent re-bounder for his position
  • Excellent free-throw shooter
  • Can get his own jump-shot off with ease

  • Not very athletic
  • Very little upside
  • Settles too often for jump-shot
  • Needs to attack rim more often
  • Not good at creating for teammates

Player Comparison: Allan Houston
Like Houston, Hield is nothing flashy out there on the court. He's not going
to wow you with an array of offensive moves. He's fundamentally sound, picks
his spots on the floor, and can flat out score the ball.

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