Ben Simmons 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Report

The top NBA Prospect for the 2016 NBA Draft Ben Simmons
Forward, LSU, 6-10, Fr.
Scouting Report:

  • Athleticism
  • Ball handling
  • Elite vision & passer
  • Can finish around the basket
  • Can play both Forward positions
  • Plays great defense
  • Great leadership intangibles

  • Doesn't shoot outside shot very often
  • Most of his scoring is dunks/layups 5 feet from basket
  • What position will he play at next level (is he a SF or PF)
  • Needs to develop a mid-range/expand offense

Player Comparison: Grant Hill
Simmons, by most draft pundits accounts, is a once in a generation
prospect. While I won't necessarily go as far as to say that, he is definitely one
of the top players in this draft and will be the top pick for 2016. His game is 
reminiscent to that of a young Grant Hill with elite handles, vision, and athletic
ability at the Forward position.

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