Kelly Oubre 2015 NBA DRAFT

Kelly Oubre, SF, Kansas, 6-7, Fr.Scouting Report:

  • Freak Athlete
  • Spot-up shooting
  • Long wingspan
  • Speed
  • Can play lock down defense
  • Rebounds well for his position 

  • Strength
  • Has trouble at times finishing at rim against stronger defenders
  • Not a great ball handler
  • Creating for himself
  • Creating for teammates (assists, averaging only 0.9 this season)

Player Comparison: Tayshaun Prince
Oubre is reminiscent of a young Tayshaun prince. Both are left handed great shooting wings 
that use they're long wingspan and athleticism to their advantage. Like Prince, Oubre is capable
of scoring on the catch and shoot. He projects as a career 14-16 PPG scorer and a solid second or
third option on offense. The difference between Oubre being a long time solid starter, and an 
all-star, is contingent on him developing a better handle, and creating for himself. 

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