2020 NFL Mock Draft

In the mist of this Corona Virus (COVID19) crisis and self quarantine, I've had lots of time to checkout the insides of the scouting world of the NFL. That means self research and scouting on some of the top Prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft. I will be breaking down what I think teams will be doing on Draft day as well as my own individual opinion of said prospects as it pertains to their hype and projected Draft slot. Also Stay tuned for the incoming Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Draft Big Board coming out within the next week before the draft. Please share this article as it brings more traffic and really helps out this site which in turn means more content with more eyes on deck. It also helps with my google search engine results and positions my website to be seen by others who are just as passionate as me about sports.

NFL Mock Draft Updates:

This Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Draft Update will be a 2 round Mock.

Updated: April, 11, 2020

Round 1

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Joe Burrow is the "Golden boy" at the QB Position for
the 2020 NFL Draft
1. Cincinnati Bengals- Joe Burrow, QB, LSU:
As stated in previous Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Drafts, this is pretty much a slam dunk pick. Unless by some miracle the rumors of the Dolphins wanting and being able to pull off  trade for the number 1 pick are true or come to fruition, consider Burrow a Bengal. Burrow doesn't necessarily have the highest upside out of all the QB's in this class but he is seemingly NFL ready and has a high floor. Think Alex Smith. 

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Will Chase Young drop because of a potential run on QB's?
2. Washington Redskins- Chase Young, DE, Ohio State:
It's unclear how committed the Redskins and Ron Rivera are to Dwayne Haskins. It's even more unclear as to whether the Redskins would really take Tua with their pick or are just trying to get teams to trade up for him so they can trade back and acquire more assets to fill some holes on this rebuilding roster. Ultimately they most likely take the "crowned sure-fire prospect" and take a QB in the later rounds to compete with Haskins if indeed Ron Rivera wants "his guy".

2020 NFL Mock Draft
Tua is one of the more overrated QB prospects to come
out in some time.
3. Detroit Lions- Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama:
The Matthew Stafford era has to come to an end at some point. The statistically prolific QB has put up some impressive and at times gaudy numbers throughout his career. He's been one of the more successful Lion QB's in recent memory but in 11 seasons with the Lions, Stafford has yet to win a single playoff game. He's 10 games under .500 for his career, and his record against teams with a winning record is down right atrocious. Still, the Lions aren't exactly nationally covered huge market NFL Franchise so, Stafford's flaws have flown under the radar. He can still play which is a good thing for the Lions. They can gamble on Tua and let him sit for a year or two behind Stafford.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Becton could very well be the first OT off the board
4. New York Giants- Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville:
The Giants have tried their best to address the offensive line under Dave Gettleman. There have have been some improvements but more improvements can be made. The signing of Nate Solder has not exactly panned out the way the Giants and Gettleman had hoped for. For now they can draft a talented young OT like Becton and put him on the right side until he's ready to take over for Solder at LT.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Herbert is more of second rounder being
pushed to the first round because of
the need for QB's
5. Miami Dolphins- Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon:
The Dolphins could very well find themselves in a situation where they get the QB they've coveted all along, and not have to trade up to do so. Ryan Fitzpatrick bought late season magic to a team that started to compete for new Head Coach Brian Flores. Miami tried to see what they had in former 2018 NFL top ten Draft pick Josh Rosen, but the experiment went bust. With a competitive and respected pro veteran like Fitzpatrick on the team, a raw talent like Herbert could sit back and learn to be a pro, see how Fitzpatrick leads, and not have the pressure of having to play right away.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Another QB in the 2020 NFL Draft Class being pushed up
because of needs at the top of the Draft for QB's.
Jordan Love is more of 4th Round Prospect.
6. Los Angeles Chargers- Jordan Love, QB, Utah State:
There is just no way I'm buying that the Chargers all of a sudden believe that Tyrod Taylor is their guy, and will roll with him and Easton Stick as the QB's moving forward. That being said here on Genaosportbuzz.com Jordan Love is not even a second, let alone first round prospect. However, he has tools that NFL teams and scouts will fall for. A team like the Chargers will take the bait. I repeat Jordan love is a 4th Round prospect at best. this would be a major reach.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
What position will this talented hybrid defensive stalwart
play at the NFL level?
7. Carolina Panthers- Isaiah Simmons, LB/S, Clemson:
Nothings changed here from the last Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Draft, the Panthers need to replace the hole left by Luke Kuchely and the Hybrid highly rated Simmons can come in and potentially be a pro-bowler in year 1. He's that special.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Wirfs could hear his name called in the top ten
of the 2020 NFL Draft 
8. Arizona Cardinals- Tristian Wirfs, OT Iowa:
After pulling off the heist of the century in the DeAndre Hopkins trade, the Cardinals are starting to look more and more like a threat in the NFC west division. They need to continue building the Offensive Line though. Tristian Wirfs is a solid prospect that can come in and produce for them at RT.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
The top Corner-back prospect in most scouts eyes could
wait a while before hearing his name called
because of the early run on QB's
9. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State:
Because of the run on QB's at the top of the board, elite prospects like Okudah will fall. I cannot see Okudah falling past the Jaguars though. After trading away Jalen Ramsey, the Jaguars find themselves needing to fill a hole at CB.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Thomas may be one of the more safer bets at the
Offensive Tackle position.
10. Cleveland Browns- Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia:
Baker Mayfield had an off year last season, but that was more due to the lackluster coaching of Freddie Kitchens, and the Offensive Line taking a step back. The addition of Jack Conklin will certainly help on the left side. A top notch prospect like Thomas will sure up the right side.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Genaosportbuzz.com just doesn't see the hype behind Wills.
He's a potential bust in the making and is not a
first round prospect.
11. New York Jets- Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama:
A lot of analysts like the upside of what they've seen in Sam Darnold so far. Here at Genaosportbuzz.com not so much sold on Sam Darnold. Still, there is no denying that Darnold is the QB of the future that the Jets want to roll with moving forward. With that comes the responsibility of having to protect said franchise QB and the Jets will draft an Offensive Lineman in the first round. Wills is a bust in the making. You heard it here first. He's highly touted though and will go way higher than he should. Wills is a late second early third round value who is more of an OG than OT.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Juedy is the consensus top Wide Receiver prospect of
the 2020 NFL Draft Class
12. Las Vegas Raiders- Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama:
Jon Gruden is slowly but surely building and constructing the Raiders roster the way he wants to. Next step is getting "his" top WR. Jeudy is a smooth route runner that plays with great awareness and game speed.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
It wouldn't be surprising to see CeeDee Lamb be the
first Wide Receiver to come off the Board.
13. San Francisco 49ers- CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma:
The 49ers have one of the most complete rosters in the NFL. The one area they can improve upon is the WR position. CeeDee Lamb is a speedster that can open p the down field pass game for Jimmy-G and the 49ers passing attack.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Brown would've been a first round prospect in last years
2019 NFL Draft as well.
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn:
A one year resign of Ndamukong Suh shouldn't stop the Bucs from investing in the future at the position. They get a pro-bowl value D-Lineman in the middle of round one. I also wouldn't be surprised if Bruce Arians pulls the trigger on taking Jacob Eason. It would be a gutsy call but ultimately here on Genaosportbuzz.com Eason is the best QB prospect in this class and he has the highest upside as well.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
The projected top Wide Receiver
of the 2020 NFL Draft Class
by Genaosportbuzz.com
15. Denver Broncos- Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson:
Higgins, hands down, is the best WR prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft. He has All-Pro level talent and it will be shocking if he is not a Pro-Bowler in his rookie season. He's that trandscendant. Drew Lock would be one lucky young QB to have Higgins to throw the ball to. He would immediately make Lock a better QB for it. It's a great fit and Lock has the elite arm strength to push the ball down the field. Combine that with Higgins elite ability to create separation, miss tackles, speed, awareness, effortless route running ability and catch radius and you have the potential for a deadly passing attack for the next decade. This is a steal.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Henderson has moved up 2020 NFL Draft Boards
16. Atlanta Falcons- C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida:
Henderson might even go earlier than this and could be a top 10 pick so consider the Falcons "lucky" that Henderson is available here.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Kinlaw has an NFL Ready body but will his game translate?
17. Dallas Cowboys- Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina:
The Cowboys could stand to improve their D-Line with a guy like Kinlaw who can help stop the run and get to the QB.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Winfield Jr. has skyrocketed toward being the top Safety
Prospect of the 2020 NFL Draft Class
18. Miami Dolphins- Antione Winfield Jr, S, Minnesota:
Winfield Jr. has skyrocketed up 2020 NFL Draft Boards and could very well find himself being the top Safety Drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Fulton is a gritty Corner that loves to compete
19. Las Vegas Raiders- Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU:
Getting a CB is at the top of the priority list for the Raiders and lately LSU has been producing some great CB prospects dating back to 2011 (Patrick Peterson). Fulton fits the mold. He can play solid in man coverage or zone.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Jefferson is a great Wide Receiver
option for teams that need
Red-Zone"50-50 ball" targets
20. Jacksonville Jaguars- Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU:
The Jaguars lack a true number one Wide Receiver. While Jefferson isn't the best receiver available here I think he's the pick being that he is a huge target and great red-zone threat.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Ruggs III is a speedy receiver looking to become a teams
top target
21. Philadelphia Eagles- Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama:
Carson Wentz was throwing to border-line practice squad players at Wide-Receiver last season so the Eagles cannot afford to neglect their dire need for a Wide Receiver. Ruggs III has bust written all over him but he's the best available Wide-out here on most teams draft boards and could go even higher.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Terrell is the best CB prospect of the 2020 NFL Draft Class
22. Minnesota Vikings- A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson:
Terrell could end up being the best Corner in the 2020 NFL Draft. He's that good. The Vikings are in need of Corner-back help as they've lost three of their top Corners this off-season.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Will an up and down combine, and slow forty cause Epensa
to fall out of the first round?
23. New England Patriots- A.J. Epensa, DE, Iowa:
As stated in the previous Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Draft, the Patriots could use an Edge Rusher. While some teams may be scared away by Epensa's subpar 40 time, the Patriots seem to make "flawed" players fit their system all the time. Epensa would be no different and in fact would be a great fit for the Patriots system.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
This Buckeye has risen up Draft boards of late and some
are even giving him a chance to be better than his Ohio
State counterpart, Jeff Okudah
24. New Orleans Saints- Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State:
Another Ohio State Corner for the Saints to put across Marston Lattimore and compete for snaps with Janoris Jenkins.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Chaisson has the NFL ready skills to
contribute early on in his career
25. Minnesota Vikings- K'Vaon Chaisson, DE, LSU:
With their second first round pick the Vikings could stand to improve their D-Line. Chaisson has some upside and could even contribute on situational pass rushing situations his rookie year.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Josh Jones may turn out being the best OT
in the 2020 NFL Draft Class
26. Miami Dolphins- Josh Jones, OT, Houston:
Offensive-Line is one of the main issues that had plagued the Dolphins through the Ryan Tannehill era. We've seen what Tannehill is capable of when he has an adequate line around him and an actual team built with the right pieces around him. It's no surprise that once Tannehill had the requisite pieces around him he was able to thrive. The Dolphin cannot allow their next Franchise QB to become victim to their horrible roster building. Drafting a raw but a high upside Josh Jones, and letting him play with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick will get this team ready to make mistake and rebuild. When Herbert is ready to play so will too the pieces around him.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Gross-Matos is being vastly overlooked in the NFL Scouting
Community, but on Genaosportbuzz.com he is a top
five prospect for the 2020 NFL Draft
27. Seattle Seahawks- Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, Penn State:
If you've read previous Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Drafts you know how I feel about Gross-Matos. He's the best pass rusher in the 2020 NFL Draft class and is being vastly overlooked. With Jadeveon Clowney still weighing his options in free agency, his future with the team is uncertain, so drafting a player like Gross-Matos here at a great value isn't a bad idea.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Murray has a huge upside but will he be able
to produce results?
28. Baltimore Ravens- Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma:
The race between Patrick Queen and Murray will be debated until the actual day of the draft. I think the Ravens will see and take the upside of Murray who is still a bit more raw, as the guy they want to take. Murray has a higher motor that Queen, and plays with more natural athleticism. Queen is more production and would be the safer pick, but the of Murray matching his upside with production will be crucial in his development as player.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Jackson fits the mold of a 3rd round prospect but will hear
his name called earlier than that
29. Tennessee Titans- Austin Jackson, OT, USC:
Jackson is a late second - early third round value but after the significant loss of Jack Conklin to the Browns in free agency, the Titans have to do something here to fill their need. After Josh Jones and Austin Jackson, there is a bit of drop-off on Offensive-tackle's.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Shenault Jr. is a steal outside the top 15 picks for the 2020
NFL Draft
30. Green Bay Packers- Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado:
Early on in the draft process it looked like Laviska Shenault Jr. would be a top 10 pick. To no fault of his own though, other receivers have risen and Shenault Jr., is now looking at a 2020 NFL Draft range of late first-mid second round. Genaosportbuzz.com is high on Shenault Jr. and believes he's a steal here for the Packers.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
It's a shame Davis' stock has dropped compared to last year
where he would've been a top 10 pick. Still Davis is
highly touted here on Genaosportbuzz.com and is a
steal outside the top 20
31. San Francisco 49ers- Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama:
There aren't many holes on this team so this would be a luxury pick here for the 49er's. Davis is a player that is ready to contribute right away. He can stuff the interior on runs and eat double teams to open up pass rushing opportunities for his Edger-rushers.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Diggs would fit great with a team that is ready to
win right away, he's from the "NFL factory"
Alabama Crimson Tide
32. Kansas City Chiefs- Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama:
The Super-Bowl Champs could use a talented to Corner like Diggs to compete for a starting position and contribute for them right away. De'Andre Swift or Jonathan Taylor could be a possibility here as well.

Round 2

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
If Kenneth Murray goes before Queen, Queen may fall
to the second round. Just barley though as he won't slip
past the Bengals at the 33rd pick and first pick of the
second round
33. Cincinnati Bengals- Patrick Queen, LB, LSU:
After taking their QB of the future the Bengals could now focus on the side of the ball and their need for Line-backing help. If Patrick Queen is available here, he won't get past the Bengals.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Eason is one of the lucky QB's that is being overlooked
which means he will most likely be drafted by a team
without an immediate need like the Colts. He's
the top rated QB of the 2020 NFL Draft Class
here on Genaosportbuzz.com
34. Indianapolis Colts- Jacob Eason, QB, Washington:
Here at Genaosportbuzz.com Jacob Eason is the top rated QB of the 2020 NFL Draft Class and is a top 10 value so this is a steal here for the Colts. Philip Rivers is a very similar player to Eason in that both will not move around a lot and are pure drop back to pass Quarterbacks. Eason has tremendous arm strength and can make every throw. He has the size, accuracy, arm strength, footwork, mechanics, and tools to become a Franchise QB. He needs to learn to read a defense and go through his progressions better but those are coachable traits and sitting a full year behind Philip Rivers will do him wonders.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
At one point Johnson was viewed as the top Corner
prospect in the 2020 Draft Class
35. Detroit Lions- Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah:
While most 2020 NFL Mock Drafts have the Lions taking CB Jeff Okudah, I think the Lions pass and instead take their QB of the future, then address their need for a CB in round two here. In many ways if the board plays out like it has here on the Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Draft 3.0 update, then they're getting a late first round value CB in Johnson. Solid pick here for the Lions.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Weaver has a chance of being a second "Gem"
36. New York Giants- Curtis Weaver, DE, Boise State:
There are many reasons why Weaver may drop to the 2nd round and maybe even out of the 2nd round completely, but the main reason is his size, or lack thereof. Nonetheless the Giants would be hard pressed to pass on a guy like Weaver that fits the kind of system and defense that is being rebuilt right now in New York.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Ruiz is a project that could pay off down the road
37. Los Angeles Chargers- Cesar Ruiz, OT, Michigan:
I've seen some 2020 NFL Mock Drafts have Ruiz in the 1st round. I think thats a little too optimistic for a guy that doesn't have the best technique and needs to get his pad level lower off blocks. In the second round, a project like Ruiz could be worth looking at for a team like the Chargers who are rebuilding despite their supposed delusional belief that they can win with Tyrod Taylor.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Reagor is not high on the Genaosportbuzz.com
2020 NFL Draft Big-Board
38. Carolina Panthers- Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU:
I'm not really sure why teams are high on Reagor. If I were an NFL G.M. I would take him on day 3, somewhere in the 5th or 6th round. I'm not an NFL G.M. though and the Panthers need help at Wide-Receiver.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Jonathan Taylor is the highest rated RB on the
Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Draft Big-Board
39. Miami Dolphins- Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin:
Taylor is the top Running-back in this 2020 NFL Draft and would be a welcomed addition for the Dolphins. He has Pro-Bowl potential and is a smart runner who picks his spots and has a high I.Q. He won't deviate from what he does best. He's a solid and safe pick here especially if he can stay healthy.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Mims' 2020 NFL Draft stock is on the rise
& he could find himself hearing his name
called earlier than expected
40. Houston Texans- Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor:
The Texans could use all the help they can get after the horrific and lop-sided DeAndre Hopkins trade that sent their former star receiver to the Arizona Cardinals. Mims has risen up 2020 NFL Draft Boards and could even go as high as the mid first round.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
What happened to the once projected and prized
top five prospect?
41. Cleveland Browns- Grant Delpit, S, LSU:
My oh my how far has Delpit fallen down the 2020 NFL Draft Boards. A prospect once seen as a top ten prospect would be lucky to hear his name called in the first round. Still, the potential of a once top ten prospect is worth taking the risk on here in the second round.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Isaiah Wilson is in that next wave of Offensive Tackles
that may hear his name called for the
2020 NFL Mock Draft
42. Jacksonville Jaguars- Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia:
Offensive-Line play is something the Jags have longed for, for quite sometime. After the top five Offensive Tackles, there's a pretty significant drop-off and the chances of finding a starting caliber OT dwindle. Still taking a solid prospect like Wilson here to fill a need can't hurt.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Bryant is a little small for a TE but his speed &
catching ability could cause matchup problems
for opposing defenses.
43. Chicago Bears- Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington:
The Bears have a need at TE. Adam Shaheen has been a massive bust and Ryan Pace is on the hot seat with Draft picks like Trubisky and Shaheen not panning out thus far. Hunter Bryant may be a little small for the Tight End position but he's one of, if not, the fastest, Tight End's in the 2020 NFL Draft Class and could be a matchup nightmare for opposing line backers on short crossing routes and underneath throws for yards after catch.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Antonio Gandy-Golden was once viewed as a first rounder
early on in the 2020 NFL Draft process. 
44. Indianapolis Colts- Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty:
Not many casual football fans or bloggers know about this small school kid. But turn on the tape of this 6-4 great handed, small school WR and it's be hard to not be impressed. I've seen many mocks have Gandy-Golden go on day 3 of the Draft. I'd like to think NFL teams, and top decision makers would smarter than to let this guy slip past the 2nd round. The Colts could use a young complementary WR next T.Y. Hilton to help make deep playoff run with incoming veteran Philip Rivers who feels the pressure to prove himself and could use all the help he can get.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Many in the scouting community view Swift as
the best RB in the 2020 NFL Draft Class.
45. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia:
I like but don't love the tape of D'Andre Swift. He's boom or bust. But if Tom Brady can be every bit the QB he's been for the Patriots, outside of the Patriots system and into a new system with the Buccaneers, then Swift could find himself in high position to succeed with a playoff caliber, and Super-Bowl contending team.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Depending on what 2020 NFL Mock Draft publication
you read, McKinney's Draft stock is all over the place.
62. Green Bay Packers- Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech:
Many may shocked to see McKinney still available here but I just don't see any other possible scenarios where goes to other spots in the draft. I still think Winfield Jr., and Delpit will go ahead of him. Jeremy Chinn has also picked up steam in the scouting community so it's not even guaranteed that McKinney will be the 3rd Safety pick. Ultimately though, he won't slip past the middle of round two.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Zach Baun has the makings of being a good situational
pass rusher for the next decade. A potential solid
second round value.
47. Atlanta Falcons- Zach Baun, OLB, Wisconsin:
Not a flashy player. He may not even develop into a fall time starter. But the pass rushing ability, and being on the field during blitz packages, and pass rushing situations, a guy like Baun could be a nice depth chart pick.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Aiyuk has slot WR2 potential
48. New York Jets- Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State:
Its no secret the Jets need to continue building their offense, which will be crucial in the continued development of Sam Darold. Aiyuk has gotten first round consideration and can be a fast underneath option for Darold when things breakdown on the porous New York Jets Offensive-Line.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Hurts is a top 20 player in the 2020 NFL Mock Draft
and is the number 2 QB on the Genaosportbuzz.com
2020 NFL Draft Big-Board.
49. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma:
Not only do I think this would be steal hear for the "Steel City" (see what I did there) but I love this situation here for Hurts. It puts more pressure on Roethelisberger to shut his arrogant mouth and compete and it also gives Hurts time to develop as the future Franchise QB. Hurts is being vastly overlooked and is the second best rated QB on the Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Draft Big-Board. Hurts has the mobility to maneuver in and out of the pocket, he has a great throwing motion and mechanics, he has good arm strength and accuracy as well as ball placement, and he's a pocket passer first, but could also make plays with his feet and run. He can also make throws on the run. However he needs to work on making better reads and sticking in the pocket to go through his third or fourth read progression. Thats a trait that can be taught and can get better with time and experience. He's well spoken, is a leader and a great guy off the field. It's puzzling why a prospect like Hurts is being overlooked but something tells me Mike Tomlin isn't one to pay attention to Mock Drafts and Big-Boards and will just pop on the tape and be impressed with what he sees.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
If it weren't for injury concerns, Adams would easily be
a top 10 Prospect.
50. Chicago Bears- Trey Adams, OT, Washington:
If it weren't for injuries Adams would easily be the top OT in this 2020 NFL Draft Class and it wouldn't even be close. Im not sure if he's worth the gamble here or not. But I'm a gutsy kind of analyst and I would take him. If there's one thing we've learned from Ryan Pace it's that he himself is a gutsy person and isn't afraid to take risks. I respect that and I honestly would respect this pick.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Some team in the second round is going to get lucky
and get their hands on this polished skilled OT.
51. Dallas Cowboys- Tyler Baidasz, OC, Wisconsin:
Baidasz is one of the more polished Center's I've seen come out in the Draft. He has future 12 year starter written all over him. The Cowboys need interior Line help and Baidasz is a great fit here.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Bryce Hall could contribute early on in his career.
52. Los Angeles Rams- Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia:
Getting a young corner to put across their superstar Jalen Ramsey. Bryce Hall's tape is very impressive and I wouldn't be surprised if he sneaks into round 1.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Will Gladney sneak into round 1?
53. Philadelphia Eagles- Jeff Galdney, CB, TCU:
The Eagles were able to acquire Darius Slay which greatly improves their Corner-back situation. However you can never have enough depth and help at the Corner position especially with the possibility of injuries plus it gives a team like the Eagles a chance to develop young talent to hopefully start down the line.

 Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
I don't see the love affair with this prospect. Some Mocks
have Muti in Round 1.
54. Buffalo Bills- Netane Muti, OG, Fresno State:
Buffalo can creep up on teams next season and can be a dark horse to win the division especially with the highly publicized departure of Tom Brady. They're a very deep team on defense. They can still stand to make improvements on offense and specifically the offensive line.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
A solid runner who doesn't really add much else. Will
get over-drafted...we see it every year at the RB Position.
55. Baltimore Ravens- J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State:
Dobbins is a flawed but explosive play maker. That's ok though as he would be going to a system and playing with a QB in Lamar Jackson that compliment his skill set. Dobbins isn't much a blocker or receiving option. But he can open up running and passing lanes for Jackson. Dobbins is just a pure runner and probably won't be asked to do much more.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Cole Kmet has an impressive skill set and all the physical
tools you would want in a TE. 
56. Miami Dolphins- Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame:
The more tape I watch of Kmet. The more I like. Who knows maybe on the next Genaosportbuzz.com 2020 NFL Mock Draft update he could even sneak into the first round. Kmet is similar to a wait for it...... Travis Kelce. He's not the fastest guy on the field but he gets off blocks well in passing and run situations and he has great hands for a Tight End. He has a NFL ready physic and can make a huge impact in his rookie season. Kmet is a really good prospect and it wouldn't surprise me if he's a starting tight end for the next 10-15 years.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Ross Blacklocks' tape is very impressive. The more
I scout him, the more he move up the Genaosportbuzz.com
2020 NFL Mock Drafts, and Big-Board.
57. Houston Texans- Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU:
Blacklock is a huge fat and nasty nose tackle that can clog the middle well. He plays with great game speed for a big guy and really plays with a high motor. The Texans can use him on the D-line to compliment J.J Watt.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Niang is a project worth taking a risk on in round 2 or 3.
58. Minnesota Vikings- Lucas Niang, OT, TCU:
This is becoming a theme but every couple of picks it seem like a TCU guy is"flying" off the board and rightfully so. Niang is step in the right direction for a Vikings team that needs to replenish the talent that it has lost over the past 5 seasons, on the Offensive-Line.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Dantzler could find himself on a team
in the later rounds that is ready to win
now. A good situation for a young
rookie Corner.
59. Seattle Seahawks- Cameron Danztler, CB, Mississippi State:
Getting or finding a first round caliber Corner let alone prospect this late in then Draft is hard to do or should I say get lucky to receive. Danztler has all the making and potential of being a top number 2 Corner.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Gallimore could be a surprise second round pick.
60. Baltimore Ravens- Neville Gallimore, DT, Oklahoma:
Gallimore is a run stuffer and great depth pick here late in the second for a Ravens team that continues to add to their improving program.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Lewis has a chance to compete for a Starting
position right away in the NFL.
61. Tennessee Titans- Terrell Lewis, OLB/DE, Alabama:
The Titans could continue to improve upon their breakout 2019 season. Continued success of "feel good story" Ryan Tannehill, and their young talent will be the key to building upon their breakout season. Terrell Lewis is a relentless pass rusher that can prove to outplay his 2020 Draft position as he is more talented than given credit for and was often overshadowed on a stacked Alabama team with an infinite amount of NFL Talent as is always the case. If you're an avid Genaosportbuzz.com reader you know i've coined the phrase "NFL Factory" for the Alabama Crimson Tide as they breed an endless amount of NFL Talent. Rooooollllllll TIDEEEE! (Hey you gotta have fun with these Mock  Drafts)

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Brooks is an Impressive athlete
62. Green Bay Packers- Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech:
Green Bay just lost a key part to their defense in Blake Martinez who signed with my New York Giants so picking a LB in the early rounds is crucial.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
This Mizzou Tiger quietly had an impressive
college career
63. Kansas City Chiefs- Yasir Durant, OT, Missouri:
Kansas City is set at almost every position but a late round high upside project Offensive-tackle is just the type of luxury and challenge that Andy Reid and Co. can benefit from. Durant may or may not play right away but he has lots of upside and just needs more time to develop his raw athletic skills. He needs to be coached up a bit.

Genaosportbuzz 2020 NFL Mock Draft
Lawrence should get first round looks. He's better than
his current draft projection.
64. Seattle Seahawks- Rashard Lawrence, DT, LSU:
Lawrence is another guy that the more I watch the more I love. He's another guy who can rise up the Genaosportbuzz.com Big-Board and 2020 NFL Mock Draft. The Seahawks are desperately trying to rebuild the glory day of their "legion of boom". Adding a nasty D-lineman like Lawerence to close out the second round will be great way to continue building.

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