2016 NBA Draft Grades| Los Angeles Lakers

Brandon Ingram 2016 NBA Draft 2nd Overall Pick
Brandon Ingram the 2nd Overall
Pick of the 2016 NBA Draft

Draft Picks: Brandon Ingram, SF, Duke, 1st round (2nd overall), Ivica Zubac, C, Croatia, 2nd round (32nd overall)


Brandon Ingram: This is going to sound ironic, but the Lakers stole the best player in the draft with the 2nd overall pick. Ingram is the one prospect in this draft I am sure of that will be a superstar. He can score in a variety of different ways and is a 6-9 SF with handles that can pull it from 30. His weaknesses like being a more willing passer, and adding more strength to his body will come as he continues to grow, and mature. He will only be 19 just before his rookie season, and will be a consistent all-star 3-4 years from now. The Lakers just found their corner stone piece for many years to come.
Grade: A+

Ivica Zubac: With the Lakers recently signing Timofey Mozgov to this ridiculous contract, the Lakers seemingly have their starting Center for the next 4 years. Zubac however, provides a nice young piece, and depth to an already young roster. Solid pick.
Grade: B

Overall Grade: A+
Lets be honest, the Lakers can botch any other pick they would've had in this draft, but as long as they have Ingram who is superstar caliber talent, there is no way they get anything less than an A.

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