Wayne Selden Jr. 2016 NBA Draft Scouting Report

2016 NBA Draft Wayne Selden Jr.
2016 NBA Draft Prospect; Wayne Selden Jr. has
improved his Draft stock after a shaky start to his
college career in Kansas.
SG, Kansas, 6-5, Jr.
Scouting Report

  • Outside shot
  • Athletic ability
  • Has matured into a leader
  • Solid distributor of the basketball
  • Can create for himself
  • Great at getting himself open for spot up shooting


  • Awful free-throw shooter (under 65% for his college Career)
  • Late bloomer (playing up to potential in Junior year raises red flag)
  • Relies too heavily on three point shot

Player Comparison: J.R. Smith

Selden, like Smith, is the type of player who frustrates you because he should be playing better
than he is playing. His talent doesn't quite fit his production. However, he does bring some
athleticism, and three point shooting to the table, and is a starting caliber SG prospect for the
NBA level.

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