2016 NBA Mock Draft 1.0

2016 NBA Mock Draft

1) Philadelphia 76ers: Ben Simmons, SF/PF, LSU, 6-10, Fr.
Simmons is one of the top prospects in this draft, and the top prospect in many
analysts eyes. The Sixers have had the same pattern of the past half decade of picking the best player available no matter the teams need. It won't be any different in this draft either, if the Sixers believe Simmons is the top prospect,  this will be the pick.

2) Los Angeles Lakers: Brandon Ingram, SF, Duke, 6-9, Fr.
Right now if you asked me who the top prospect in this draft is, I would tell you it's Ingram. This guy is Kevin Durant 2.0 and has an elite knack for scoring the ball. His offensive game is so smooth and he is easily the top scorer in this class. With the departure of Kobe Bryant after this season the Lakers sure could use some scoring, and a replacement new face of the team. Ingram is the man to do it.

3) Phoenix Suns: Dragan Bender, PF, Croatia, 7-0, 1997
Bender seems to be the 3rd best overall prospect behind Simmons and Ingram. The Suns won't
hesitate to select Bender as Markieff Morris is better suited off the bench at the PF slot. Bender
will come in with a lot of upside and won't have to start right away. Morris can hold down
the starting spot until Bender is ready and give the Suns some added youth.

4) Boston Celtics (Via Brooklyn): Jakob Poeltl, C, Utah, Soph. 
The Celtics have so much depth at the Guard and Wing positions that I cannot
picture a scenario in which they take anyone at said positions this early. They Could
however, use a skilled big man like Poeltl to man the middle and be a presence at both
ends of the floor.I'm not very big on Poeltl, he won't be a star by any means, but he is
someone who should carve out a solid career as a reliable starting big-man. Think Andrew Bogut.

5) Minnesota Timberwolves: Skal Labbissiere, PF/C, Kentucky, 7-0, Fr.
The first surprise of this mock draft. No doubt, Labbissiere has been a disappointment
for Kentucky, but there is just too much All-Star potential here and the College game/system
and over-coaching by the coaches really limits the players at times. They're not always
able to showcase what they can really do because college is very Coach dominated. I
think that has been one of the reasons Labbissiere has struggled. But just imagine an
athletic starting front line of Towns, and Labbissiere. You could do a lot worse than that.

6) New Orleans Pelicans: Jamal Murray, PG/SG, Kentucky, 6-5, Fr.
A very talented floor general, this kid is comfortable manning the 1 or the 2 Guard positions.
The Pelicans have needed an upgrade at the PG position for some time now, and Eric Gordon
is injury prone at the 2 Guard spot. The Pelicans could use someone like Murray that can
play either position if needed.

7) Denver Nuggets: Jaylen Brown, SF, California, 6-7, Fr.
One of my favorite players in this draft. Brown is vastly underrated in my opinion and
will be the steal of the draft at pick #7. The Nuggets need some more athleticism in they're
rotation and wing position. Danilo Gallinari is a nice solid NBA player but, he is injury
prone, is not getting any younger, and Brown has a lot more upside offensively and defensively.

8) Milwaukee Bucks: Kris Dunn, PG, Providence, 6-4, Jr. 
Michael Carter-Williams is not a starting caliber Guard in today's NBA. He has yet to
have developed an outside shot, and his defense is inconsistent, and questionable at times.
Kris Dunn is an immediate upgrade, and will put the Bucks in a position to have Williams
come off the bench, where he is better suited.

9) Sacramento Kings: Buddy Hield, SG, Oklahoma, 6-4, Sr.
Hield has really made a name for himself his Senior season, and his play has skyrocketed
his draft stock. Not very often do you see too many seniors going in the early lottery but
Hield seems to be an exception in this years draft. The Kings have had failed experiments
so far at SG  and are looking for a consistent full time contributor at the position. Hield is
a well polished, mature, 4 year college player that can contribute right away for the Kings.

10) Toronto Raptors (Via New York): Ivan Rabb, PF, California, 6-10, Fr.
Rabb is your prototypical PF in today's NBA. A PF that can stretch the floor, rebound well,
and runs up and down the floor smoothly. The Raptors have needed a PF of the future
for sometime now, and unless by some miracle they happen to think that "Mr. Scrub" AKA
Anthony Bennett is the future, Rabb will be the pick if he's available.

11) Orlando Magic: Diamond Stone, C, Maryland, 6-10, Fr.
I'm not a big fan of the Magics' starting back-court of Olidapo and Payton. I don't think
that is a winning combination in the long run. That has more to do with Payton, who I don't
understand why he is a starting PG. However the Magic seem to be content continuing to trot
out a mediocre starting back-court. Stone will be the pick as the Magic could use a young
talent like Stone at the center position to add some depth.

12) Washington Wizards: Henry Ellenson, PF, Marquette, 6-10, Fr.
It seems like Iv'e been mocking a PF to the Wizards for the past three years, and for good
reason, they have no youth or future starting caliber PF on their roster. Ellenson provides
both, and can knock down open shots, and stretch the floor for John Wall, and Bradley Beal.

13) Houston Rockets: Demetrious Jackson, PG, Notre Dame, 
The Rockets have had problems all year at the PG position. Lawson hasn't worked out and
Beverley is an average at best PG. Here is one way for Houston to solves its problem.

14) Detroit Pistons: Furkan Korkmaz, SG, Turkey, 6-7, 1997
The Pistons could use a valuable option off their bench, and someone who can
eventually start for them at SG. Korkmaz is only 18 years old, and would be a great value
this late in the lottery.

15) Denver Nuggets (Via Portland): Damian Jones, C, Vanderbilt, 7-0, Jr.
With their 2nd pick in the 1st round the Nuggets go with the 7 ft. big-man. The Nuggets
already have two other Center's on the roster, and both are 21 years old. Jones will be
the pick but as we see many times on draft day, there will be trades, and the Nuggets
won't keep this pick. This seems to be Jones' Draft range and teams will be vying to trade
with Denver to swap Picks.

16) Utah Jazz: Melo Trimble, PG, Maryland, 6-3, Soph.
The Utah Jazz have a problem at PG. There have been reports they have tried to
trade Trey Burke numerous times, as they are not sold on him being their PG going forward.
Also, Dante Exum has had injury problems so far in his young career, and hasn't played
well when he is on the court, nor has he distinguished whether he is a SG or PG. The Jazz
will address the PG position. Trimble will be the pick.

17) Chicago Bulls: Stephen Zimmerman, C, UNLV, 7-0, Fr.
With Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah not getting any younger the Bulls will look to add
a young 7 footer like Zimmerman if he's available, to add some youth to their front-line.

18) Charlotte Hornets: Dwayne Bacon, SG, FSU, 6-7, Fr.
When Courtney Lee is your best option at SG, your team is some serious trouble.
That seems to be the case with the Hornets. Bacon has been inconsistent in his
Freshman season of college, but he has the size, skill and upside that the Hornets
currently do not have at the position

19) Boston Celtics (Via Dallas): Timothe Luwawu, SF, France, 6-7, 1995
The good thing about picking Luwawu is that he can also play the SG position with Jae
Crowder, and form an effective athletic tandem on both ends of the floor. Luwawu is also
raw offensively and is still improving so there is still some upside to him.

20) Indiana Pacers: Domantis Sabonis, PF, Gonzaga, 6-11, Soph.
The Pacers would gladly take Sabonis if he's avaliable and have him play next to Myles
Turner. Sabonis and Turner would be a nice front court combination of the future for Indiana.

21) Philadelphia 76ers (Via Miami): Caris LeVert, SG, Michigan, 6-7, Jr.
The Sixers don't have an NBA caliber starting SG on their current roster. Here is one
way to help that problem. LeVert has had his share of injuries in college, but he is still a
lottery type talent, so getting him here would be a steal. He is a three year mature college
player with a terrific all-around game, and can be a solid contributor from day one (if healthy).

22) Atlanta Hawks: Juan Hernangomez, SF, Spain, 6-9, 1995
The Hawks could use a true SF on their roster, as Bazemore is more of a true SG than SF.
Hernangomez is a good get this late in the first round for a team that could use some youth,
and depth on the wing.

23) Boston Celtics: Malik Beasley, SG, FSU, 6-5, Fr.
It seems FSU has two first round SG's on their team, and Beasley is one of them. With a lot
of depth on their team and unlikelihood that they actually add three rookie contracts to
the roster, the Celtics will trade this pick no matter who it is.

24) Memphis Grizzlies: Wayne Selden Jr., SG, Kansas, 6-5, Jr.
Memphis has needed a starting caliber SG for a while now. Selden has had an up and down
college career, but he is looking more polished in his Junior year. He still has some upside
to him and is a great value at this point in the draft.

25) Los Angeles Clippers: Cheick Diallo, PF, Kansas, 6-9, Fr.
Diallo is very raw, and has been benched his freshman season. However there is no
doubting his motor, energy, athletic ability, defensive potential, rebounding, and upside.
With Blake Griffin's recent trouble and his awful reputation for being "soft", the Clips
might be looking to trade him sooner rather than later. To add flame to the fire, the Clips also
have a better record with Griffin out of the line-up. Picking Diallo will add some security.

26) Toronto Raptors: Isaia Cordinier, SG, France, 6-5, 1996
With their second first round pick the Raptors have the luxury of picking on potential and upside.
Cordinier has both and is an intriguing international prospect.

27) Phoenix Suns (Via Cleveland): Denzel Valentine, SG, Michigan State, 6-5, Sr.
With their second first rounder the Suns will take a play maker like Valentine who can play both
Guard positions for them off the bench.

28) Philadelphia 76ers (Via OKC): Isaiah Briscoe, PG, Kentucky, 6-3, Fr.
Briscoe has his share of inconsistencies with his jumper, and his free-throw percentage for a
PG is concerning. However he has shown flashes of improvement, he is only 19 years old, is a
good distributor of the basketball, and has tons of upside. The Sixers also need depth at the PG
position, and they will most likely address that need in the draft. Briscoe is their guy.

29) San Antonio Spurs: Gary Payton II, PG, Oregon State, 6-3, Sr.
Tony Parker is getting older in age, and the Spurs could use an heir apparent, or at least a Guard
like Payton II to add depth, and can play both Guard positions.

30) Golden State Warriors: A.J. Hammons, C, Purdue, 7-0, Sr.
Andrew Bogut is no spring chicken, and the Warriors could use another big body as Bogut is often
injured. Hammons is a seasoned four year college player who will fit right in with the Warriors.

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