2015 NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Picks for this mock draft are based on Needs/wants.

1) New York Knicks: Karl-Anthony Towns, C, Kentucky, 7-0, Fr.
The Knicks could use all the help they can get talent wise. Grabbing a top prospect like Towns could help. If the Knicks are able to sign a big man through free agency they'll go with a Guard. But for now Towns is the top player on the board with the highest upside.
Previous Selection: Karl-Anthony Towns

 2)  Minnesota Timberwolves: Jahlil Okafor, C, Duke, 6-11, Fr.
Okafor would be a great fit in Minnesota to form a promising young nucleus
next to Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, and Andreian Payne. Minnesota would be thrilled to have one of the top two picks, as it would guarantee them one of the top big man prospects, one of their biggest needs.
Previous Selection: Jahlil Okafor

    3) Philadelphia 76ers: D' Angelo Russell, PG, Ohio State, 6-4, Fr.
Ish Smith has played admirably for the Sixers of late. However he is not the long term solution at the PG position. Russell comes as an upgrade and with more upside.
Previous Selection: D' Angelo Russell

  4) Los Angeles Lakers: Emmanuel Mudiay, PG, China, 6-5, 1996
Yes Jeremy Lin is on the roster and Jordan Clarkson has been playing very well as of late. But like the Sixers, the Lakers will be taking which ever one of the top PG prospects is still on the board, whether its Russell or Mudiay. Also like the Sixers, this would be an upgrade and provides more upside for the future of the Lakers.
Previous Selection: Emmanuel Mudiay

5) Orlando Magic: Willie Cauley-Stein, C, Kentucky, 7-0, Jr.
Cauley-Stein has really improved his draft stock during Kentucky's impressive run. He is still raw on the offensive end. His defense, leadership, maturity, and energy make him NBA ready from day one though. He would be a nice fit on a rebuilding Magic team with two talented young defenders themselves; Victor Olidapo and Elfrid Payton.
Previous Selection : Kelly Oubre

 6) Sacarmento Kings: Kristaps Porzingis, C, Latvia, 7-0, 1995
Not really sold on this guy but if he's on the board when Sacramento picks I have a feeling they won't hesitate to select him. They've been looking for a stretch big man that can play alongside DeMarcus Cousins.
Previous Selection: Kristaps Porzingis

 7) Denver Nuggets: Stanley Johnson, SF, Arizona, 6-7, Fr.
At this point in the draft Johnson would be a steal, which tells you how deep this draft is. He's the best prospect on the board at this point and the Nuggets won't hesitate to take him.
Previous Selection: Stanley Johnson

 8) Detroit Pistons: Justise Winslow, SF, Duke, 6-6, Fr.
The Pistons can go a number of ways with this selection. I don't really know who they will end up taking until we get closer to the draft. What I do know is that they will be taking a wing, whether that is Oubre, Winslow, or Johnson if he slips. For now the pick is Winslow as he has been more consistent than Oubre, and Johnson is already off the board.
Previous Selection: Willie Cauley-Stein

         9) Charlotte Hornets: Mario Hezonja, SG, Croatia, 6-6, 1995
        Though I like Devin Booker better, and feel like he is the better Prospect, the Hornets don't exactly have a great history of drafting. I'm not saying Hezonja is not a good prospect, in fact he fits a need. The Hornets need a floor spacer, and a potential, legitimate, starting SG, because Lance Stephenson just hasn't worked out for this team. Hezonja could help.
Previous Selection: Devin Booker                 

    10) Utah Jazz: Kelly Oubre, SF, Kansas, 6-7, Fr.
    The Jazz have some young talent at the Guard position and they do have Gordon Heyward. But moving a less athletic Heyward to the SG position and playing him alongside Oubre at the SF position would be intriguing, and hard for the Jazz to pass up at this point in the draft.
Previous Selection: Mario Hezonja

        11) Indiana Pacers: Devin Booker, SG, 6-5, Fr.
      Talk about a great fit. Booker will help take the scoring load off Paul George once George gets healthy. He's a floor spacer who will open up driving lanes, and Indiana could really use a legitimate outside threat at the shooting guard position.
Previous Selection: Kevon Looney

        12) Atlanta Hawks: Trey Lyles, PF, Kentucky, 6-10, Fr.
      This pick for the Hawks is from the Nets. Lyles would fit right in as a team first role player on one of the more team oriented, and unselfish teams in the NBA.
Previous Selection: Rashad Vaughn

       13) Phoenix Suns: Myles Turner, PF, Texas, 6-11, Fr.  
      My guess is the Suns will probably trade out of this pick on, or, before the draft. If they do keep this pick however, they'll take a flier on Turner, who is a good value pick this late in the lottery.
Previous Selection: Montrezl Harrell

        14) Houston Rockets: Jerian Grant, PG, Notre Dame, 6-5, Sr.
       I think Grant is going to be a really solid NBA PG. He's a great distributor and a more pure PG than Patrick Beverley the teams starter. Grant is good enough to push for the starting job if the Rockets do indeed pick him. (This Pick is from the Pelicans).
Previous Selection; Myles Turner

     15) Boston Celtics: Jacob Poeltl, C, Utah, 7-0, Fr.

    The Celtics could use a young big man that they can develop. They also need one to provide interior defense
Previous Selection: Justice Winslow 

         16) Philadelphia 76ers: Caris LeVert, SG, Michigan, 6-7, Jr.

       This pick for Philly comes from the Miami Heat. With their second 1st rounder the Sixers will take a floor spacer and scorer like LeVert, on a team that can use all the scoring it can get. LeVert would be a nice fit here.
Previous Selection: Wayne Selden Jr.

    17) Milwaukee Bucks: Frank Kaminsky, PF, Wisconsin, 7-0, Sr.  
   Ever since the Larry Sanders debacle the Bucks have been in need of a big man and some depth. Kaminsky provides both, and will hit jump shots, and compete on defense whether he starts or comes of the bench.
Previous Selection: Cliff Alexander

        18) Washington Wizards: Kevon Looney, PF, UCLA, 6-9, Fr.
       Almost any other year Looney is a lock to go in the lottery. That is why the Wizards would be thrilled to have him this late in the draft, and wouldn't think twice about taking the young talented forward.
Previous Selection: Trey Lyles

           19) Philadelphia 76ers: Montrezl Harrell, PF, Louisville, 6-8, Jr.

          Yet another first round pick for the Sixers. This Pick is from the Thunder.
Harrell is a great energetic player who will fit right into a team full of young athletes, and energetic players such as himself.
Previous Selection: Terry Rozier

          20) Toronto Raptors: Christian Wood, PF, UNLV, 6-11, Soph.
         Wood is an intriguing young forward that can create for himself and take bigger power forwards off the dribble to get to the basket. Amir Johnson isn't getting any younger for the Raptors and they could be looking into the future at the position. Wood, would be a great pick this late.
Previous Selection: Bobby Portis

           21) Chicago Bulls: Kris Dunn, PG, Providence, 6-3, Soph.
          The Bulls continue to be held captive waiting on Derrick Rose to get healthy. It may, or, may not happen. But just in case, here is a much needed insurance policy into the future if Rose is never really able to recover. Dunn is a tremendous distributor of the basketball, plays beyond his years, and is a good mature leader for his age. This would be a nice pick for Chicago.
Previous selection: Delon Wright

         22) Dallas Mavericks: Tyus Jones, PG, Duke, 6-1, Fr.
        As I stated in my previous mock, it is not a given that Rondo will return to the Mavs after this season. That would leave a lack of depth at the Point Guard position. This is where a young Tyus Jones comes into play.
Previous Selection: Tyus Jones

           23) Cleveland Cavaliers: Bobby Portis, PF, Akansas, 6-10, Soph. 
          It seems very likely that Kevin Love will leave Cleveland after this season. This would leave a huge need for the Cavs to fill. In any case, Portis is a young energetic player with good role player potential, and would add some depth to an already deep team.
Previous Selection: Jerian Grant

         24) San Antonio Spurs: R.J. Hunter, SG, Georgia State, 6-5, Jr.
        Hunter just seems like the perfect three and "D" role player that the Spurs usually go for to fit their system. Hunter is a clutch shooter and great defender as referenced by his 1 block per game as a SG.
Previous Selection: Perry Ellis

          25) Portland Trailblazers: Cliff Alexander, PF, Kansas, 6-9, Fr.
         Alexander has been a disappointment in his first, and what seems to be his only season at Kansas. Not a lot has gone right for him in terms of playing time, issues off the court concerning his eligibility, and eventual suspension. There are many draft pundits who think he will slip to the 2nd round. I think he will slip as well, but not that far. He showed promise at times, and there's a reason why he was one of the top ten recruits out of high school. 
Previous Selection: Dakari Johnson

         26) Boston Celtics: Sam Dekker, SF, Wisconsin, 6-9, Jr.

        Another 1st rounder for the Celtics. This one coming from the Clippers. This late in the draft they will go with Dekker who will add some much needed depth on the wing for this young team.
Previous Selection: Frank Kaminsky

          27) Los Angeles Lakers: Dakari Johnson, C, Kentucky, 7-0, Soph.

         The Lakers have a lot of depth at the PF position. Not so much at the Center Position though. Dakari can definitely help with that. He is still a little raw, but he has shown some promise in his time with Kentucky and needs time to develop.
Previous Selection: Jarell Martin

            28) Memphis Grizzlies: Delon Wright, PG, Utah, 6-5, Sr.
           Wright is an intriguing prospect. He can handle the ball like a PG, and has the physical tools of a SG. The Grizzlies can use a player like Wright and his positional versatility. He can provide solid minutes off the bench behind Conley, or play alongside Conley at the SG position. 
Previous selection: Justin Anderson

            29) Brooklyn Nets: George De Paula, PG, Brazil, 6-5, 1996
           This pick is from the Hawks. A new young PG prospect is starting to create buzz. That player is George De Paula. He is adept at getting to the basket and finishing, has a very good jump-shot, and is still a developing raw prospect. With Deron William's best days behind him, it would be wise for the nets to add depth, and let De Paula develop with no pressure to produce right away. This would be a great gamble/chance to take at this point in the draft. 
Previous Selection: Caris LeVert

            30) Golden State Warriors: Jarell Martin, PF, LSU, 6-10, Soph.
          Jarell Martin can do a little bit of everything as a big man, which is a good thing as the Warriors prefer using versatile big man off the bench. Martin can do that and provide some solid minutes in a limited role where he won't be asked to do much for this deep team.
Previous Selection: Sam Dekker

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