Top Ten NFL QB Busts since 2000

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Every year NFL GM's, and scouts are put with the task to find a player in the upcoming draft that will translate and play well in the NFL. It is up to the scouts to travel constantly to watch some of the best prospects in the country play and come up with a list of potential players the team the scout represents should draft. The General Manager is the one who makes the final decisions on who to draft with the help of the scouts, and to some extent the coaches of the team. If the scouts and coaches want certain players and offer their preferences, the GM tends to put their thoughts into consideration before drafting a player. Whether or not the GM listens to his coaches or not he his forever linked to the player he drafts, especially in the first round. 

Here is a look at the top ten NFL quarterback Busts since 2000: 

10) Tim Tebow, 2010 NFL Draft 1st round (25th overall): 
Tebow might be the most accomplished player on this list. That right there should let you know that the rest of this list isn't going to be pretty. A dramatic playoff win against the Steelers in 2012 and a short-lived, controversial stint with the New York jets and Tebow hasn't been in the NFL since. These days you can catch him calling college football games on ESPN.

9) Vince Young, Tennessee Titans, 2006 NFL Draft 1st round (3rd overall): 
Young actually had some success his first couple of years in the NFL even making two pro-bowls in 2006, & 2009. He Would never duplicate the success of the those to seasons and was released in 2011 by the Titans.

8) Patrick Ramsey, Washington Redskins, 2002 NFL Draft 1st round (32nd overall) : 
Ramsey's name might not have the familiarity that others on this list might have, but that's because his career was forgettable. The redskins thought they had a steal
with the last pick of the first round. They thought wrong and Ramsey was out of Washington in 2006 after 4 short NFL seasons.

7) Byron Leftwich, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2003 NFL Draft 1st round (7th overall):
Leftwich had his skeptics who claimed he was being a little over-hyped and played against average competition in the MAC conference. Leftwich didn't do much to quiet the skepticism and flopped.  He is currently an NFL free agent.

6) J.P Losman, Buffalo Bills, 2004 NFL Draft 1st round (22nd overall): 
After the first three top rated QBs in the first round of that draft were drafted, the Bills thought they had their guy as well when they took Losman. The other three QBs Manning, Rivers, & Roethlisberger are still starting for the teams that drafted them and have made 5 Super Bowls and 10 pro-bowl appearance's between them. To put how bad the Losman pick was, Matt Schaub made the pro-bowl a couple of times and he was picked in the 3rd round. OUCH!

5) Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns, 2007 NFL Draft 1st round (22nd overall): 
Quinn fell on draft day in one of the most memorable draft slides in the history of the NFL draft. The Browns couldn't believe he was still on the board and drafted him. Safe to say now they know why no other team wanted to touch Quinn with their first round pick.

4) Matt Lienart, Arizona Cardinals 2006 NFL Draft 1st round (10th overall):
Lienart was a Prima-Dona who sat behind Kurt Warner and wanted the starting QB job handed to him after Warner retired. We all know how that worked out. Lienart was released in 2010, bounced around with couple of other teams and is no longer the NFL.

3)Joey Harrington, Detroit Lions, 2002 NFL Draft 1st round (3rd overall):
Harrington was one of the top prospects at the QB position for the 02' Draft. His numbers weren't as bad as some of the QB's on this list, however he was never able to contribute a winning season before being traded to the Dolphins in 2006.

2) Blaine Gabbert, Jacksonville Jaguars, 2011 NFL Draft 1st round(10th overall):
I knew Gabbert would be a bust from the moment I watched his college tape. I was not impressed, he looked like a 5th round prospect at best. He struck while the iron in his NFL draft stock was hot, cashed in a couple million dollars, then flopped for Jacksonville.

1) Jamarcus Russell, Oakland Raiders, 2007 NFL Draft 1st round (1st overall):
This one was is no surprise as Russell is also in the discussion for worst draft pick of all time period. He received $40 million to throw a bunch of interceptions, be lazy, 
consistently out of shape, and not care about winning.

This is my List of top ten NFL QB draft busts let me know what you think. Leave a comment below. Feedback. Like/Dislike. Or whether you agree/disagree.


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