The Yankees and Alex Rodriguez: The Hypocrisy


Genaosportbuzz     For quite some time (2009 to be exact) a dark cloud of witch craft has been set 
upon Alex Rodriguez since his constant on and off again lying, and admitting 
to using illegal performing enhancing substances. From being suspended to a
a steady decline in production and a phat contract, you can see why the Yankees are not 
happy or looking forward to whats left of A-rods contract. Understandable 
considering A-rod has 3 seasons and $61 million left on his contract. However
even under these circumstances the Yankees are not absolved from blame. They 
are no "Angels" in this situation anymore than A-rod is. 

    In fact the Yankees have a history of having players who used PED's and it

for the most part has been swept under the rug. A-rod has payed the price and served
his suspension. Now all he wants to do is honor his contract which states he has 3
seasons left. The Yankees are not innocent, they threw a 10 year $252 million
contract at him. What was A-rod suppose to do say no? Any reasonable human being
knows $252 million is enough money to live off for the rest of your life and if you 
were offered $252 million to play baseball, like Rodriguez was, you wouldn't hesitate
to to sign the contract. In other words the Yankees knew what they were signing up for 
when they signed A-rod to the contract. They knew it would pay him into his 40's. Any 
reasonable casual baseball fan can tell you there would be an obvious decline in 
production for Rodriguez.

  Now lets get back to the PED use. You can go down the list of former Yankee 
players that have used PED's, Giambi, Knoblauch, Neagle, Clemens, I can go on and on. 
Add A-rod to this list and you have a "murders row" of PED users. You can say Rodger 
Clemens is the "Ace" of this PED list. I would differ. Why? Another banned substance 
user "Andy Pettitte will be getting his jersey number retired for the same team he admitted 
using a banned substance for. His "excuse" was to recover from injury and had nothing to 
do with gaining a competitive advantage. The great thing is people actually bought that 
excuse and have swept it under the rug, and nothing further validates this than the 
Yankees choosing to retire a former HGH users jersey number. But I guess when you
compare Pettitte's likable personality to the hated A-rod it more than justifies the means
 to reward Pettitte for a great career as a Yankee right?

    This is the perfect example that you just cannot please everyone. If A-rod lies its
unforgivable, he tries to be nice with the media he gets called phony, if he apologizes for
his mistakes its insincere. Heck, the guy cannot show up to camp early without it being
breaking news. I guess thats what happens when folks are jealous of that big pay day and 
feel like you cheated your way into that contract. A contract the Yankees must now honor 
the same way they're choosing to honor Pettitte by retiring his jersey. An honor that not 
even A-rods phat contract can buy but Pettitte's likability and personality can. The bottom 
line is they're both cheaters. We reward the "good guy cheater" and ridicule the "bad 
guy cheater". This is the sports hypocrisy world we live in. All this bad P.R toward
A-rod in an attempt to get fans on their side so that they can sneak their way out of 
paying the rest of A-rods money. Sorry Yankees. Not going to happen. Lets stop with 
the Hypocrisy. Stop trying to maneuver your way out of the contract. Honor the rest 
of A-rods contract the same way you are going to honor Pettitte as a life long Yankee,
and lets get back to baseball.

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